Prayer Bulletin

June Prayer Bulletin

Country of Focus: North Korea

  • Government: Communist
  • Leader: Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un
  • Total Population: 25,405,000
  • Percentage unreached: 57.1%
  • Religion: Atheist: 64%, Traditional & Ethnic: 29%, Cheondoism: 13%, Christianity: 1.5%
  • Persecution level: EXTREME (1st on the world watch list) – Labelled as the worst place on earth for Christians by Open Doors
  • Source of persecution: Communist Oppression/Dictatorial Paranoia

Background on North Korea:

  • North Korea has chosen to isolate its people from the outside world (the government controls all information coming in and out of the country)
  • The government dictates the lifestyle of its people through a restriction of speech, information  (from the “outside world”), forced leadership adulation (forcing their people to participate in the maintenance of personality cults around the Kim family through propaganda) and lack of religious freedom
  • North Korea was once called the “Jerusalem of the East”, but not since many of its Christians fled to the South during the Korean war.
  • Information regarding the life of Christians and its Churches are limited, but it is widely known that they are surviving in the midst of intense persecution (underground churches)
  • Christian meetings and services are illegal and practically impossible to attend and are all carried out in secret  People caught conducting these activities are tortured, sent to prison camps and even killed for their faith
  • Worship of the ruling Kim family is mandated and those who do not comply are arrested, imprisoned, tortured or killed.
  • Citizens who have been reported to meet with Christians are often sent to political prison camps. Those who attempt to flee to the South through China risk execution or life imprisonment
  • Recently (last week as of 4th May 2017), foreign Christian workers have been detained for a variety of crimes; one of which related to what they said outside the country, including publication or whatever stand they seemed to be associated with.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for God to deliver North Korea from its enslavement to the brutal regime.
  • Pray that the Lord will safeguard the faith of all Christians in North Korea so that they may persevere and find joy in praising the Lord amid ongoing pressure and persecution from the government
  • Pray for Christ to reveal himself and raise up individuals to minister to government officials who seek to control the church
  • Thank God for the ongoing “Christian professionals”, underground churches and the work that they’ve done for His glory.