Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF)

Who we are

We are ex-OCFers spanning across  the batches of the past 60 years. Having recognised that God has changed the lives of many who have been part of the OCF family, we share a common vision to preserve the memories of OCFers through the past 60 years.

We believe that the creation of an archive and the collection of oral history will encourage OCFers past, present and future. In particular, we hope that the current batches of OCFers in Australia will be affirmed in their commitment to the Great Commission in their respective campuses across Australia. 

We are heartened that our initiative is a work  placed under the auspices of the current OCF ExCo, that has agreed to the commission of this archival and oral history project.


  1. To investigate and preserve OCF’s 60-year history in a digital archive.
  2. To write and publish a unified account of OCF’s history.

From now until December 2021, we are actively sourcing material for the digital archive and invite you to use our Contribute page to submit any OCF material that you may have. In addition, we will be conducting oral history interviews to help us gain a better understanding of the past. We hope to make the archive available to future OCFers and researchers, and to share what we learn from our research in a way that will glorify God and bless many.

Please submit any documents, personal files, photographs or materials related to your time in OCF. We request digitised copies because a physical OCF archive is not planned yet. Our Contact Page suggests categories for submission.
Preferred formats for scanned/digitised material:

  • Scanned photographs/Images: high quality jpg, tif, png, gif
  • Documents: pdf
  • Books: pdf
  • Videos: mp4
  • Songs: mp3
  • Email thread: pdf
  • WhatsApp or Text Messages: screenshots – if submission is chatbox or long thread, you may use WhatApps export feature and submit the zip file. Feel free to remove sensitive items before submission.

Click Here to submit files. You will need a Google account to do this. Alternatively, email it to us at heritage@ocfaustralia.org.au with the following information: your name, OCF centre, year, and brief description of the documents.

The submitted material will be sent to the archivists for a full assessment. The archivists will determine the suitability of the material to be added to the archive. If deemed suitable, the material will be stored in our working digital archive. Our researchers will study the material in the working digital archive for the purpose of writing a unified account of OCF from 1959 – 2019.

The submitted materials will be stored in our working digital archive. Eventually, when the archive phase of the OCF Heritage Project has been completed, we plan to transfer all the materials in the digital archive to several hard disks for donation to designated theological seminary libraries in Australia and Southeast Asia for long-term preservation and public usage. More information will be supplied about this part of the project at a later stage.

During the archive phase of the project, only the OCF Heritage team members will have full access to the material. OCF Australia’s EXCO and GC will be allowed to have read-only access to the materials in the working digital archive. After the project is complete, the digital archive will be deposited with EXCO, and at selected theological colleges. The access will be for EXCO and those theological colleges to determine, but the plan is to make it available for long-term preservation and public usage.

Oral history comprises intentional and planned interviews and conversations that are aimed at getting historical information and opinions from interviewees who were involved in particular historical events and/or organisations or networks. These interviews are typically recorded and transcribed before further analysis is conducted on them. Currently, for our project, we have set a target of interviewing all EXCO chairpersons from 1959 – 2019 . As time permits, we will also interview others who can speak about significant issues or times in the Fellowship’s history.  If you were an EXCO chairperson, or would like to suggest that the team interviews a particular person, please get in touch with us.

Please use the Contact page above, or send an email to heritage@ocfaustralia.org. We will endeavour to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our Team

Ex-OCFers unite to piece together the OCF Heritage

Joshua Sim

Lead Archivist

Bob Looi

Archivist – Digital

Galven Lee

Archivist – Oral Histories

May-Kuan Lim

Lead Researcher

Seet-Ling Aimee

Barnabas Encourager/Advisor

Joshua Chan

Past Members

Eugene Rodrigo

Treasurer and Asst. Archivist – Oral Histories

Esther Siong


Christina Chew

Communications Manager

Jerad Tan

Relationship Coordinator/Connector

Jedidiah Watt

Asst. Researcher

Yan Ting Peh

Communications Administrator