OCF Curtin

Hello! OCF Curtin is a student led, non-denominational Christian organisation on campus and we welcome students all over the world to join us in our weekly worship and bible study sessions! :)

We want to create and environment in which all students can find a home away from home, where Christians and non-Christians alike can learn more about God and deepen our friendships and bonds through our annual Easter camps, fundraising events and combined events with OCF Murdoch and UWA.

All in all, we want to create a safe haven where everyone can grow in their relationships with God and His people. We’ll be happy to answer any questions so please join us and we hope to see you soon!





Dorcas Lee (2024 Chairperson): +65 8817 1035

Meeting Details

Date & Time

Friday, 6-9pm


Vose Seminary (20 Hayman Road, Bentley, WA 6102)

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