What is
OCF Alumni Network?

OCF Alumni Network is the collection of those who share the common history of once being part of Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) Australia. We span across the first OCF generation in the 1950s to the most recent graduate’s Australian university with an OCF centre. Where our tertiary studies have passed, our journey with Christ continues.

Vision & Mission


To the glory of God, we want to see OCF Alumni go on to follow Christ as disciples who live out our calling, to be in fellowship with other alumni and to be a support for OCF ministry.


By the grace of God, we aim to connect and encourage OCF Alumni, to spur one another on in our missional callings, and to facilitate the support of OCF Alumni and OCF ministry.

Vision of OCF

1. Prayer
We trust in God
2. Partnership
We partner with others
3. Godliness
We grow in Christ
4. Love
We love one another
5. Generosity
We give generously
6. Accountability
We are accountable
7. Multiplying
We are kingdom-minded

Key Result Areas

1. Increase connection among OCF Alumni
2. Networking among OCF Alumni
3. Support for OCF Alumni in ministry or in need
4. Support for OCF Australia ministry
5. Advocacy for OCF Australia ministry

Regional Coordinators Present