If you would like to make a donation to directly contribute to the Easter Camps happening across OCF Australia, you can do so electronically via our bank account with the following details:

Account name: OCF Australia
BSB: 062-303
Account number: 1001 5092

– For specific state Easter Camps: “EC_SA”, “EC_VIC”, or “EC_WA”
– For any Easter Camp, as determined by EXCO: “EC_OCF”

For purposes other than Easter Camp, you may transfer the amount to the same account, with the following descriptions:

– For specific centres: “(Centre name)_Donation”, e.g. “ANU_Donation”
– For any centre, as determined by EXCO: “OCF_Donation”

If you require further assistance, please email our treasurer at

We thank you for your constant prayerful and financial support.