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Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) Australia is an on-campus parachurch interdenominational fellowship that is united in faith under one vision: to reach out to all overseas students in Australia, build them up to be Christ’s disciples, and send them back home as disciple-makers.

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What our 5,000+ alumni
are saying about OCF Australia

OCF to me was being in community, learning God’s Word and a bundle of feelings of failure that was used by Him. ‘Tempering’, the process of removing excess hardness in already hardened metal best describes the wonderful work of God by heating me to critical points only to be cooled by the freshness of His Grace, rinse repeat, prepared for the on-going journey to eternity with Him.

OCF Canberra (2011-2016)
The friendships I made in OCF helped me to learn to listen to God’s voice and experience his guidance. During my five years in OCF, God restored to me the practice of hearing His voice, removed from me the fear of man, thus restoring my ability to form trusting relationships with others.

May Kuan
OCF Parkville (1989), OCF UniMelb (1990-1994) 18
I never thought that a step into OCF orientation night, the Lord would cause a change to my plans, lifestyle and journey. I did not have any experience serving in ministry. OCF was a learning avenue that nurtured my faith with the Lord. Despite closing my OCF chapter, I still thank God for His faithfulness in my life and great communities!

Jerad Tan
OCF UniSA (2013-2014)

United in faith

under one vision

Reach out

Reach out to all overseas students in Australia.

Build up
Build them up to be Christ’s disciples.
Send back
Send them back home as disciple-makers.

400+ members.
15 university campuses.
Vibrant and friendly fellowship you can call home.

Real support from real people.
You are not supposed to do life alone.
We have weekly meetings on a Friday night centered around worship (in song), Bible study, fellowship and other ad-hoc events (e.g. games night, barbecues, beach day). We celebrate the different expression of faith people have, and the nuances in the way they live out their love for God and His people.
Amazing testimonies that fuel our faith journey
The testimony is the self revelation of God. In other words, it represents God’s heart desire, which is also God’s requirement; or we may say, God’s standard. His standard reveals himself, showing us what a God He is. When this testimony comes to man, it becomes law.
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