OCF Murdoch

Hello! 👋👋

How are you?

I’m fine, thanks for asking.

So, we are a Christian club on Murdoch University. We exist to help people consider topics that matter (Is God real? Who is Jesus? What’s our purpose in this life? What happens after we die? etc.), form lasting friendships, and encourage one another to live our lives for God’s glory!

3 things:

  1. I know we have the word “overseas” in our name, but we’re very happy for locals to join us.
  2. There’s also the word “Christian” in our name. Don’t let this stop you from coming if you’re not a Christian because this will be a fantastic opportunity for you to find out what Jesus taught and did around 2000 years ago on this Earth! If you’re a Christian, we’d love for you to invite your friends along as well! We promise that we’ll be welcoming towards everyone.
  3. Although we meet at Murdoch Uni, come join us if you’re studying in one of the other universities in WA that doesn’t have an OCF centre yet.

OCF Murdoch is a comfortable group where we discover, learn, and remind ourselves why believing in Jesus actually makes sense… and is 100% worth it!

I’ll see you in Feb! Beware of the Perth heat.





Milford Ling (2024 Chairperson): +61 481 023 975

Meeting Details

Date & Time

Friday, 7-9:30pm


Vose Seminary, Curtin University
or Murdoch University (check social media for updates)

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