3 – 6 December 2021


Our theme for 2021. Jesus, the Anointed King invites all to be a part of His kingdom, and He invites those who are a part of His kingdom to partner with Him in His mission to extend that very same invitation that we have received to many others, from those close to home, and to the ends of the earth. As His royal priesthood we have been called to deliver the good news of Jesus Christ to the people around us, wherever we may be.


It is a work of the Holy Spirit but it’s a work in which the Holy Spirit will involve the church, and his intention is to involve every church member, every believer. It’s the work of taking this glorious gospel to the world.”

⁄⁄Peter Maiden⁄⁄

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If you’re still discovering Jesus, or if you’re new to Christianity, or if you just want a refresher on the foundations of our Christian belief, we recommend the EXPLORE workshop. Do note that the EXPLORE workshop spans across both workshop days. That means you won’t be able to register for a different workshop on either days.

There is a limited number of spaces for each workshop, so be quick to secure your spot in your desired workshops.

4th December Stream
6th December Stream
4th + 6th December Stream


OCF Convention is one of the main highlights for us here at OCF. Every year, we have the immense privilege of organising this conference to further equip God’s people in the area of missions and evangelism, particularly in the context of reaching out to international students.

Convention is all about the mission of Jesus and evangelism, and the good news that Jesus brings lies at the heart of all of that, and that very news is life-changing. So, whether you’re someone wanting to find out more about Jesus or you’re a Christian that’s interested in international student ministry, come and hear the Good News of Jesus, find out what it means to partner with the risen King in His mission, and to be a witness for His kingdom.

Over a few days in December, we would gather together to hear the Word of God preached, gain practical insights from our partners through workshops, worship God in song, fellowship with one another, and grow as a community.

It’s going to be a great time and we would like to warmly welcome you along.


The COVID situation in Australia is very volatile at the moment and might continue to be in the future. In the event of a heightened COVID situation, border closures might prevent delegates from entering South Australia (SA), or worse still, lockdowns in SA may prevent delegates from returning home after the Convention. The reason we opted for a hybrid setting instead of a fully online Convention is because online events do not have as much fellowship as in-person events and Zoom fatigue may also lead to delegates being disengaged through Convention.

This means that some components will be held in-person (eg. worship, bible study discussions, meals) while some components will be online (eg. workshops, interstate virtual sessions). Sermons will be pre-recorded (subject to change) but delegates will be watching it together in their state, while workshops and Q&As will be livestreamed. Even though Convention 2021 is capable of being held as an online Convention, we strongly encourage each state to meet physically where possible. The venue of your in-person gathering will be announced by your local state Convention representatives.

Unlike the fully online format of Convention 2020 and the physical format of Convention in the years prior, we hope that Convention 2021 as a hybrid would allow opportunity for delegates to interact face-to-face and have organic conversations as well as reduce disengagement due to zoom fatigue, yet at the same time providing opportunities to connect with delegates in other states. 

However, even with the change, we will stay true to our core vision and mission – to be a place where we build, equip, and encourage delegates in the areas of missions and evangelism. The elements most critical to fulfilling that vision such as sermon sessions, workshops and bible studies – have been retained.

One of the highlights of OCF Convention has been the interaction between delegates of different states in Australia. With Convention 2021 happening in different states, interstate interactions will be limited to online platforms. Within the Convention 2021 programme, there are interstate components where delegates are able to get to know one another as well as pray for one another.

Major updates from the Convention 2021 committee will be broadcasted via Whatsapp and Telegram groups, and you have the option to choose between the two.

Online components (ie. workshops, Q&A) will be done over Zoom.

We will be using Discord as our interstate interaction platform, simply because it allows delegates to be able to communicate and interact with one another beyond the framework of the Convention 2021 programme (unlike Zoom that requires a person to host the room). All resources and links will also be provided here. Guidelines on how to use the Convention 2021 private Discord server will be provided to delegates.

Church Online will be the main platform for those who are watching online to tune into our gatherings (ie. Convention Online).

Download Discord:

Should your state enter lockdown, we will ensure that each delegate in your state has access to Convention Online, our online stream of Convention 2021, and all the essential conference materials. Delegates will still be able to join online components, but for in-person components, we highly encourage delegates within the state to still meet over an online platform (eg. Zoom, or whatever platform that is most accessible for all delegates in your state).

The shift to a hybrid Convention opens up the opportunity for delegates to participate from offshore. You will be able to join Convention Online but there will not be a change in the fee as online participants will still have access to all Convention resources, aside from the physical fellowship.

Offshore/online participants will be able to access Convention Online through Church Online Platform (subject to change), which includes the worship gatherings and Bible talks. The workshops and every other live (real-time) component will be streamed either via Zoom or Discord. Links to those components will be provided via Discord. Participants on Convention Online will have their own bible study groups to carry out group activities. All other online components should be accessible to offshore/online participants (please see ‘What would happen should my state enter lockdown during Convention 2021?’ for the finer details).

To get the most out of the convention, we strongly encourage all delegates to commit to the whole duration. Each sermon builds on the previous sermon, and the devotional material, study materials, reflection segment and workshops aim to complement the sermons as well. 

If you can only commit to part of the Convention, you would still be able to access the prepared conference materials (recorded sermons and devotional/study materials) as well as the recorded workshop and Q&A sessions at a later date.

A digital copy of the materials will be disseminated to your centre leaders/Convention representative and they will print a physical copy of the materials for those attending onshore. For those offshore/participating online, a digital copy will be sent to the email address you would have provided us during registration.

T-shirts for Convention 2021 will be printed in Singapore, shipped to Adelaide, repacked into boxes according to the number of shirts ordered for each state, then shipped out via AusPost to the address of a representative in your state, who will then distribute the shirts accordingly during the Convention.

For those offshore, you may collect your shirt from your Convention representative or nominate someone to collect it on your behalf, or opt to donate the cost of your Convention T-shirt to the OCF Missions Fund.

Registration fees include the Convention T-shirt, conference materials and appreciation gifts for our invited speakers.

Convention fees are non-refundable but they are transferable. Please contact us as soon as you know you won’t be able to make it, and submit details of your replacement (if possible).

This will be arranged by your local state Convention representatives/planning team.

  • A bible
  • A personal electronic device, and a pair of earphones, that would enable you to participate in interstate segments
  • Whatsapp/Telegram/Discord app to be updated on real-time events and announcements during Convention 2021
  • Some basic stationery
  • Water
  • Packed lunch (if your centre does not provide food due to COVID restrictions/other reasons)

We want to ensure that you have the utmost confidence as you register for Convention 2021. So, if you still have questions, please email us at or you can message us on our social media pages (@ocfconv)


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