The Vision of OCF Australia is to Reach Out, Build Up, Send Back.

Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) Australia is an on-campus parachurch interdenominational fellowship that is united in faith under one vision: to reach out to all overseas students in Australia, build them up to be Christ’s disciples, and send them back home as disciple-makers. Our vision is inspired by the words of Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20 (The Great Commission) and it has remain unchanged since our founding in 1969

As an on-campus fellowship, we meet in our various ‘centres’ throughout Australia; each centre is essentially a university club/society. We have over 400 members across 15 university campuses throughout Australia. More information about each centre can be found under the “OCF Centres” tab. Each centre will operate slightly differently, but in general we have weekly meetings on a Friday night centered around worship (in song), Bible study, fellowship and other ad-hoc events (e.g. games night, barbecues, beach day). 

As a parachurch organisation, we believe that OCF supports the Church. We do not aim or intend to be a substitute for the Church, and strongly encourage our members to be congregants of a local church during their time of study in Australia. 

As an interdenominational organisation, we see that individuals coming from various countries and home churches may have differing traditions but we are all united under a singular banner that is the blood of Christ. We celebrate the different expression of faith people have, and the nuances in the way they live out their love for God and His people. While maintaining our interdenominational nature, we hold to a few core Christian doctrinal statements which may be found here

OCF maintains an evangelical position towards the gospel. That is to say, OCF is committed to: 
1) The inerrancy and infallibility of the Holy Bible in presenting the gospel
2) Studying the gospel
3) Spreading the gospel

If you are an overseas student looking for a vibrant and friendly fellowship to call home (away from home), then look no further! More information including contact details for each individual centre can be found on their respective pages. Otherwise, use the “Contact Us” tab and we’ll link you up with the appropriate people.