OCF Swinburne


FOCUS-OCF Swinburne is in the most livable place in the world – Melbourne. We are a small group but we do a lot of activities together. OCF happens every Thursday evening and we like to finish early. We have bible study for 2 weeks, followed by an event which is different every time. We have 2 bible study groups and a discovery group. Bible study groups are more suitable for people who have been Christians for a while, whereas the discovery group is more suited for new and non-Christians. Our purpose is to create a second home for new students that are studying in Swinburne and to help them settle down in Melbourne. We are happy to help anybody that would need our assistance!

Meeting Details:
Time: Thursday, 5.30pm (subject to change, please check!)
Venue: GS 302 (subject to change)

Contact Details:
Email usfocusocf@gmail.com
Phone Contact 
  • 2020 Chairperson (Abhimanyu): 0433 998 505





Jacinta Richards (2021 Chairperson): +61 452 653 434

Meeting Details

Date & Time

Thursday, 5.30pm (subject to change, please check!)


GS 302 (subject to change)

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