God is working even in small communities

“I am so amazed at how God is working even in the small communities. I can see God’s hand as the children and youth come together to worship Him. I see lives being changed because of Him and how they have faith in Him despite having not much in their lives.  I am thoroughly encouraged by their faith and this mission trip made me realized how thankful I am for having Him in my life. Throughout the mission trip, in all the stress and tasks, I really rely on God for strength and wisdom as there was nowhere else I could draw strength from.  I believe it is good for anyone to go for a mission trip as it really exposes you first hand on God’s ministry in evangelism. As we are called to spread the gospel in the last commandment, It’s really eye opening to see how it is like and how it transforms other people’s life. It is good also as we are able to share His word and touch lives as a team and know that we are here together to do it”

Andrew Gan, OCF Caulfield, OCF Cambodia Mission Trip 2016/2017


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