Our Structure

At its broadest level, OCF Australia is composed of two main bodies: students and advisors.

Student body
Each centre (i.e. university club/society) is led by a Local Centre Committee – this typically consists of a few basic positions (Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer) and some additional ones (Prayer Officer, Missions Officer, etc.). States within Australia with multiple centres additionally have State Committees – these are typically formed by the Chairpersons of its constituent centres. The Executive Committee (EXCO) oversees the student body and endeavours to guide the organisation to fulfilling its Vision (reach out, build up, send back); the EXCO resides within the headquarter state which rotates every three years.

The General Committee (GC) is formed by EXCO and the Chairpersons of each OCF centre. At the end-of-year AGM, the GC convenes to discuss pertinent issues and make crucial decisions regarding the Fellowship. Members of the GC are also in constant communication with one another throughout the year.

Advisor body
Advisors are non-students who sow into the ministry of OCF on a voluntary basis. Together, students and advisors collaborate to guide the organisation to fulfil its Vision. There are different advisors corresponding to each level of student leadership, to advise and guide the students accordingly (e.g. Centre Advisors work closely with Local Committees).

The Board of Advisors (BOA) is formed by the National Advisor(s) and State Advisor(s); one State Advisor from each state sits on the BOA. Members of the BOA maintain regular contact with one another throughout the year. A core role of the BOA is to think strategically about the status of OCF Australia, and advise the GC accordingly.