Our Leadership structure is as follows:

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Advisory Bodies
Purpose: Provide Godly counsel to the governing body (General Committee and the EXCO) as it is essential that all decisions made be in accordance with the teaching of the Bible.

Student-Led Bodies
Made up of:
a) Executive Committee (EXCO): Click here for more information.
b) General Committee (GC): Consists of all the State Chairpersons
c) Local Centre Committee

The General Committee (GC) of OCF Australia, as the governing body, is tasked to make decisions regarding any issues pertinent to the Fellowship. GC must strive to make decisions in accordance to the teachings in the Bible in order to ensure that decisions will best serve the Fellowship. A core part of the ministry of OCF Australia is to train the student-members to be leaders by providing opportunities for leadership responsibilities. Thus, the formation of the BOA must not remove this training opportunity. The process of decision-making and management of OCF Australia remains with GC.